The Final Problem


The third location has been found by 3 teams. The others won’t get points for it now. We will post further updates soon.


The second location has been found by 3 teams. The others won’t get points for it now. Try the third one.


The first location has been found by 3 teams. The others won’t get points for it now. Try the others.



This is it Xplorers. No courtesies extended to your competitors.

Here are 3 pictures. Not difficult. There are no hard deadlines. But there is a catch. You have to be the first one to reach each of these places. As described in the previous post, for every place, points will be awarded only to the first three teams getting there. We will be as quick as possible with updates so that your time isn’t wasted.

Here goes.

Pic 1:


Pic 2:


Pic 3:


Go earn your glory.


Beat The Clock Challenge

Dear PennXplorers,

So near yet so far!!!

We are on the final day of this exciting challenge, but there are still 3 hurdles to cross before you become the Ultimate Xplorer. We would be having a “Beat The Clock Challenge”, where we will upload 3 pictures simultaneously. For each place, the first 3 teams would be awarded appropriate points as follows:

First Team: 80 points/picture

Second Team: 40 points/picture

Third Team: 20 points/picture

We would be closing submissions for the pictures, once the first 3 teams have submitted. Also the deadline for this challenge is 19 Feb, 11:59pm and the team standing first would be declared the Ultimate Xplorer.

In the case that there is still a deadlock between teams once this challenge is completed, we would be having a further Tie-Breaker to determine the winner.

Kindly Note that the deadline for the teams to discover “Super Heroes In Training” place is 5:00pm to deny them the 100 points

Have Fun Xploring!!

Role Reversal Challenge

Update 3: (Harnwell College House)

Bad Wolf outs 221B Baker Street.


Now someone go deny Superheroes in Training their bonus points.

Update 2: (34th Walnut)

Team Kuch Bhi’s location found by Askabaan.


Just 2 to go now.

Update 1: (LGBT Center, 2nd Floor)

No extra credit for Team Bad Wolf. Good work Threat Level Midnight!


Time for Bad Wolf to hunt the other places down.


Dear Xplorers,

We are almost near the end of this competition and would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the participants in making this competition a great success.

Regarding the Role-Reversal Challenge, we have completed 10 out of the 14 challenges put forth to us. It was great discovering new places and we could experience the same excitement that you all had gone through over the past week. All the challenges were equally difficult, but there were 4 which were a notch higher than the others.

All the participants have time until Feb 19, 5:00pm to identify these places to deny these teams the bonus 100 points.

Note: The teams among the following 4 can also try to find other pics and deny them the 100 points

Following are the places and the Team Name:

221B Baker Street


Super Heroes in Training


Kuch Bhi


Bad Wolf


The Current LeaderBoard is as follows:

Threat Level Midnight 950
Karachi Bakery 950
Askabaan 950
221B Baker Street 950
Fastexplorers 950
Super Heroes in Training 930
Bad Wolf 890
Shutters n Lenses 890
Nano Press 860
Kuch Bhi 850
Twin Explorers 830
Knerds 810
Musafir Hu Yaaro 790

Make sure to have one teammate in the pics.

The Next Challenge (Race Against Time Challenge) will be uploaded tomorrow.

Have Fun Xploring and denying your friends the Bonus Points!!

Challenge #06

Dear PennXplorers,


We are extending the first deadline for the first challenge picture given to you today, till 2 pm tomorrow, 18 Feb. Full fifty points will be awarded to any submissions prior to this time.

So, the new deadlines are as follows:

Pic 1:

Deadline 1: Feb 18, 2 pm

Pic 2:

Deadline 1: Feb 17, 5 pm

Deadline 2: Feb 18, 2 pm

Thought for today:


Take heart Xplorers. While we try and complete the reverse challenge, we can’t have you guys take it easy. Here are 2 pics for the next challenge.

Pic 1:


Pic 2:


The submissions should have at least one team member.

Deadline 1: Feb 17, 5 pm

Deadline 2: Feb 18, 2 pm

Remember that at 2 pm on Feb 18, we shall forward the places we don’t find in the reverse challenge to all of you so that you can try and prevent other teams from getting extra credits.


The Buck-Waasis Arrive

We are up to the challenge guys.

To Karachi Bakery,


To Musaafir Hu Yaaron,


To Twin Explorers,


To Askabaan,


To Ravioli,


To Threat Level Midnight, (Competition aside, it is highly advisable to go to this place :D)


To Nanopress,


To Fastexplorers,


To Shutters n Lenses,


To Knerds,


Count = 10, Time = 7:43 pm (Feb 17)

Stay tuned.

Reverse Challenge

These are the pictures we have received.

Karachi Bakery:

photo 1



Superheroes in Training:


Twin Explorers:


Musafir Hu Yaaron:




221B Baker Street:


Kuch Bhi:


Bad Wolf:


Nano Press:

challenge picture

Shutters n Lenses:


Threat Level Midnight



Rangoli Challenge



Challenge accepted guys. B-)


Hey Xplorers!

How about turning the tables here? These last few days, we have been roaming around on campus looking for challenges to pose to you. Undeniably, it has been fun but we have missed out on the thrill that must accompany any undertaking of exploration. So, we have now decided to challenge you to challenge us with some locations. All teams that have completed all the challenges hitherto (listed below) are allowed to mail one (and only one) pic each for us to find.  We are giving ourselves time until 2 pm on Tuesday to find those places, so challenge us keeping that in mind. In the highly unlikely (:-P) event of we being unsuccessful in finding those places, the un-found locations will be made open to the other participants. In the likely event of they too missing those locations, the corresponding challenging team shall be awarded 100 points.

It is important to note here that ,  all this means that we are just acting as filters to the most ‘discoverable’ locations while you are actually challenging the other teams to find those places. This means that the sole aim of this twisted challenge is to find a difficult-to-find place on campus.

The timeline to be followed is as follows:

Deadline to mail the pictures: Feb 15, 11:59 pm

Deadline for us to find those pics: Feb 18, 2 pm

(Remaining pics will be open to other teams after this time)

Deadline for other teams  to find the remaining places: Feb 19, 2 pm


Be fair in your challenges. Find an interesting place in the spirit of the ones we have challenged you to. Make sure those locations are on campus and open and accessible to Penn students at all times.


Not challenging will not harm your team’s chances of winning. Points will only be awarded to those teams that post a location not found till 2 pm on Feb 19.


Teams eligible for this challenge:

Threat Level Midnight
Bad Wolf
Karachi Bakery
Super Heroes in Training
Musafir Hu Yaaro
221B Baker Street
Twin Explorers
Kuch Bhi
Nano Press
Shutters n Lenses


Team Buck-waasi

Challenge # 05

We hope you had fun figuring out that the most tricky place in the last challenge was indeed your alternate home – Van Pelt Library.

We plan to play with your minds a little bit more in this challenge. We are uploading 5 pictures in this current set, to be done over the entire weekend.

Here are the pictures in the current set:

Pic 1:


Pic 2:


Pic 3:


Pic 4:


Pic 5:


As usual, remember to have at least one teammate in every pic.

The deadlines are as follows:

Deadline 1: Feb 15, 11:59 pm          Points/picture: 50

Deadline 2: Feb 16, 4:59 pm            Points/picture: 30

Deadline 3: Feb 16, 11:59pm          Points/picture: 20

Mail your responses to

The locations of the Challenge #04 are as follows:

Pic 1: Law School, 3501 Sansom St

law chaitali

Pic 2: Van Pelt Library, 6th Floor Saniiiiii


Pic 3: Fisher Fine Arts Library, 220 S 34th St

Sahil...fine arts lib

Take care. Have a fun-filled weekend!

Challenge # 04

Welcome back to PennXplore!!

We hope you enjoyed your well-deserved break chilling at home rather than outside. As the last set of pics were a bit tricky, we think that the current set will try to boost your confidence or at least we hope so.

Here are the next set of pics

Pic 1:


Pic 2:

 Pic 2

Pic 3:

Pic 1

As usual, remember to have at least one teammate in every pic.

The deadlines are as follows:

Deadline 1: Feb 14, 2 pm           Points/picture: 50

Deadline 2: Feb 14, 7pm            Points/picture: 30

Deadline 3: Feb 14, 11:59pm   Points/picture: 20

Mail your responses to

Happy Valentines Day and have fun Xploring!!!

The Show Must Go On!!

Well we are just kidding!!

Owing to the winter storm predicted today, we are giving you an off day. So have a breather and get ready for the final stages of PennXplore.

The locations of the Challenge #03 are as follows:

Pic 1: Platt Student Performing Arts House, 37 Spruce


Pic 2:  Jaffe History of Art Building, 34 Walnut


Pic 3: Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, 36 Walnut


The photos of the first 2 challenges have been uploaded to the Rangoli Flickr Photostream.

In the coming days, the challenges will get tougher, but we need you to keep up with it and keep exploring without giving up.

Stay tuned for the challenge resumption tomorrow midnight.