Challenge # 04

Welcome back to PennXplore!!

We hope you enjoyed your well-deserved break chilling at home rather than outside. As the last set of pics were a bit tricky, we think that the current set will try to boost your confidence or at least we hope so.

Here are the next set of pics

Pic 1:


Pic 2:

 Pic 2

Pic 3:

Pic 1

As usual, remember to have at least one teammate in every pic.

The deadlines are as follows:

Deadline 1: Feb 14, 2 pm           Points/picture: 50

Deadline 2: Feb 14, 7pm            Points/picture: 30

Deadline 3: Feb 14, 11:59pm   Points/picture: 20

Mail your responses to

Happy Valentines Day and have fun Xploring!!!