Hey Xplorers!

How about turning the tables here? These last few days, we have been roaming around on campus looking for challenges to pose to you. Undeniably, it has been fun but we have missed out on the thrill that must accompany any undertaking of exploration. So, we have now decided to challenge you to challenge us with some locations. All teams that have completed all the challenges hitherto (listed below) are allowed to mail one (and only one) pic each for us to find.  We are giving ourselves time until 2 pm on Tuesday to find those places, so challenge us keeping that in mind. In the highly unlikely (:-P) event of we being unsuccessful in finding those places, the un-found locations will be made open to the other participants. In the likely event of they too missing those locations, the corresponding challenging team shall be awarded 100 points.

It is important to note here that ,  all this means that we are just acting as filters to the most ‘discoverable’ locations while you are actually challenging the other teams to find those places. This means that the sole aim of this twisted challenge is to find a difficult-to-find place on campus.

The timeline to be followed is as follows:

Deadline to mail the pictures: Feb 15, 11:59 pm

Deadline for us to find those pics: Feb 18, 2 pm

(Remaining pics will be open to other teams after this time)

Deadline for other teams  to find the remaining places: Feb 19, 2 pm


Be fair in your challenges. Find an interesting place in the spirit of the ones we have challenged you to. Make sure those locations are on campus and open and accessible to Penn students at all times.


Not challenging will not harm your team’s chances of winning. Points will only be awarded to those teams that post a location not found till 2 pm on Feb 19.


Teams eligible for this challenge:

Threat Level Midnight
Bad Wolf
Karachi Bakery
Super Heroes in Training
Musafir Hu Yaaro
221B Baker Street
Twin Explorers
Kuch Bhi
Nano Press
Shutters n Lenses


Team Buck-waasi