Role Reversal Challenge

Update 3: (Harnwell College House)

Bad Wolf outs 221B Baker Street.


Now someone go deny Superheroes in Training their bonus points.

Update 2: (34th Walnut)

Team Kuch Bhi’s location found by Askabaan.


Just 2 to go now.

Update 1: (LGBT Center, 2nd Floor)

No extra credit for Team Bad Wolf. Good work Threat Level Midnight!


Time for Bad Wolf to hunt the other places down.


Dear Xplorers,

We are almost near the end of this competition and would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the participants in making this competition a great success.

Regarding the Role-Reversal Challenge, we have completed 10 out of the 14 challenges put forth to us. It was great discovering new places and we could experience the same excitement that you all had gone through over the past week. All the challenges were equally difficult, but there were 4 which were a notch higher than the others.

All the participants have time until Feb 19, 5:00pm to identify these places to deny these teams the bonus 100 points.

Note: The teams among the following 4 can also try to find other pics and deny them the 100 points

Following are the places and the Team Name:

221B Baker Street


Super Heroes in Training


Kuch Bhi


Bad Wolf


The Current LeaderBoard is as follows:

Threat Level Midnight 950
Karachi Bakery 950
Askabaan 950
221B Baker Street 950
Fastexplorers 950
Super Heroes in Training 930
Bad Wolf 890
Shutters n Lenses 890
Nano Press 860
Kuch Bhi 850
Twin Explorers 830
Knerds 810
Musafir Hu Yaaro 790

Make sure to have one teammate in the pics.

The Next Challenge (Race Against Time Challenge) will be uploaded tomorrow.

Have Fun Xploring and denying your friends the Bonus Points!!