Beat The Clock Challenge

Dear PennXplorers,

So near yet so far!!!

We are on the final day of this exciting challenge, but there are still 3 hurdles to cross before you become the Ultimate Xplorer. We would be having a “Beat The Clock Challenge”, where we will upload 3 pictures simultaneously. For each place, the first 3 teams would be awarded appropriate points as follows:

First Team: 80 points/picture

Second Team: 40 points/picture

Third Team: 20 points/picture

We would be closing submissions for the pictures, once the first 3 teams have submitted. Also the deadline for this challenge is 19 Feb, 11:59pm and the team standing first would be declared the Ultimate Xplorer.

In the case that there is still a deadlock between teams once this challenge is completed, we would be having a further Tie-Breaker to determine the winner.

Kindly Note that the deadline for the teams to discover “Super Heroes In Training” place is 5:00pm to deny them the 100 points

Have Fun Xploring!!